Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just walk in with my ID and purchase Cannabis?

Yes, if you’re over 21 you can now purchase Cannabis from a dispensary with a valid state-issued ID. 18 year-olds may make a purchase with a valid ID and a current medical card.

What Forms of Payment Are Accepted?

HPRC currently is cash only. Customers can also use their patient rewards points and HPRC Gift Certificates for payment.

Do I have to register with the state of California?

Recreational patients do not have to register with the state. And you may cultivate up to six plants without a medical card.

How much Cannabis can I purchase?

The law permits adults 21 and up to buy up to 1 ounce of cannabis per day. There are other daily limits for edibles and concentrates.

How old do I have to be to purchase Cannabis?

California law prohibits the sale of Cannabis to anyone under 21 years of age, or 18 and older with a valid medical recommendation.

Are records of my recreational cannabis purchases kept on file?

Yes, the details of each recreational purchase are recorded. These include your first name, your customer number, and what you purchased and are used to ensure that we are compliant with your daily limits. We keep this information securely in our system and never sell your personal information.

Can I consume Cannabis in public?

Cannabis is banned in most public areas. There is absolutely no Prop 64 provision that allows you to light up in general public areas. 

Can I fly home with the Cannabis I purchased?

It’s generally not a good idea to fly with cannabis, especially inter-state travel, regardless of the state’s cannabis laws since it is still prohibited on a Federal level.

Can I drive with Cannabis in my vehicle?

Yes, much like alcohol, you can carry cannabis around or drive with it in your car. It is recommended that you keep your cannabis sealed and in your trunk or out of arm’s reach. Driving while medicated is very much illegal and can result in a DWI or a DUI.

Is there a benefit to registering as a medical patient?

Having a medical card allows you access to higher strength edibles and larger daily limits for purchasing more quantities of cannabis. A medical card also allows you do increase your cultivation options from 6 plants, now to 12 plants per household. State Medical Cards offer a break on state taxes paid towards your purchase.

Are guests allowed to purchase cannabis with an out-of-the-country ID?

Yes, as long as the ID  or Passport is an official issued ID, with a birthdate and photo identification.  The person must be 21 or older  to make a purchase or 18 and up with a valid medical recommendation.

Will recreational grade cannabis lack the quality or control of medical grade?

Cannabis and cannabis products must be strictly tested and regulated to be sold in a legal recreational dispensary. Since HPRC has been committed to medical quality since the beginning, we put all of our inhalable products through an extra rigorous testing to ensure that they are all 100% Pesticide-Free. You may ask your Cannabis Consultant to go over test results of each product for a more informed decision.

Recreational cannabis will have strict testing regulations and quality control.