Clones and Seeds


Clone Cuttings

HPRC offers clones from our in house nursery and is able to source clones from permitted nurseries. Our team is always popping new seeds to discover the best genetics for our customers and we keep a strong mother stock of some of our customer favorites!

When you purchase clones from HPRC, you can grow with confidence and there will be a team of consultants ready to answer your questions about our in-house genetics.

Give us a call or check out our online menus on Leafly to find out our daily selection of clones!

While our full selection of strain genetics will not be available every day, we try to feature 3 to 4 strains on a rotating basis. Give us a call to confirm that your choice is in stock.  Recreational patients may purchase up to 6 clones per day. Medical patients may purchase up to 12 clones per day. If you have a medical grower’s exemption, we can honor up to 99 clones per day.

Seeds at HPRC

HPRC also carries a popular selection of seeds from local seed banks and well-known cultivators. We carry regular seeds, feminized seeds, autoflower seeds,  and certain CBD-specific varieties of seeds. Our selection is limited and usually sells out quickly by the Spring growing season so reserve your packs today.

Our current Seed Stock includes many selections from the following companies:

Check our Online Menu at for updates to our Clone and Seed Menus.

Ask our friendly staff questions about your cannabis cultivar before you grow!


A look at the 2022 Seed Selection:

Equilibrium Genetics

Equilibrium Genetics Seed List 2022

A look at the 2022 Seed Selection:

Humboldt Seed Company

Humboldt Seed Company 2022 Seed List Selection

We use a fully-integrated Beneficial Pest Control Management System to ensure that our inhouse flower remain 100% pesticide-free.

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